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When you hear the word “consultant,” what do you think of? You may see a smartly dressed man or woman making a presentation to a large group of people. Or maybe you imagine someone sitting behind a desk pouring over papers. But what about a CPA? What comes to mind when thinking about tax consultants?

In the age of tax reform, measuring your taxes can be a tedious job. But what do you actually know about the words that come out of “Mr. Tax Audit’s” mouth? More importantly, what do they really mean? 

Group Discussion

A Deeper Look Into Your Taxes

In order to gain greater insight into just how much you’re paying in taxes and why it may be worthwhile to consult with a tax consultant. A tax consultant is a professional whose expertise lies in federal and state taxation. These consultants offer guidance for individuals and businesses in many areas, including: 

You Could be Eligible for a Substantial Deduction

After all, why should you have to pay full price for a house when you could be eligible for a substantial deduction? Not only can a consultant help reduce your tax liability, but they can also help provide detailed insight into how that money is being distributed across federal and state agencies.

Protect Your Assets

In addition to reviewing current tax codes, consultants may also assist individuals in the division of assets following death as well as offer guidance on issues such as: